Nicolas Claris is a mature experienced and sensitive expression of the best of French culture: he values the human mind and spirit and treasures worth in human endeavor and achievement. 
His diverse refined photography expresses with panache, these measures of awe and respect for nature and man challenging himself in every sphere. His style is influenced by the milieux. He may take us to a world of boiling sky and fast waves or a tranquil emerald bay on some isolated Caribbean island. 
He may flash us in the color red, celebrating love, blushing brides or sacrifice on the edge of a sword. 
He is a Jorge Luis Borges, but of France, with a camera instead of a typewriter, but he can switch lens and languages in equal measure to meet the needs of his unique way of viewing the world. 
His Art work is high approachable and I myself am avid collector!”

Asher Kelman
Beverly Hills California – USA


Congratulations, a very professional looking website and nice variety of subjects.

Peter Dexter
Dapa, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia


Nic, I do enjoy your imagery.
If I could afford them, I’d have one filling a blank spot on my walls.
I’m especially draw to those which deviate from the usual suspects of sunsets, forest scenes or animals.
I have no commercial interest in photography but rest assured, your images are as valuable as any I know. My interest is more academic than aesthetic. Your images, in spite of their aesthetic appeal, have a very purposeful feel to them. They are of what you see in your own special way. It’s as if you’re showing me something I might have missed. Or perhaps you are telling me something I didn’t know.
Even your abstractions are whispering to me : “don’t look for objectivity; seek out the meaning.”

Tom Dinning
Darwin NT Australia


While just about everyone is sequestered at home it is a good time to enjoy a bit of art which will also help take your mind off of Covid19 for a bit. A friend of mine and amazing photographer, Nicolas Claris, from France has finished putting up his new website showing a mixture of both his commercial work and his personal projects.
Besides taking pictures hanging out of helicopters to capture luxury yachts, his personal work is so beautiful in a very different and more sensitive way. 
Please take time to visit his website now!

Maggie Terlecki
Province of Quebec, Canada