Artist’s statement

I am sometimes asked if I have a favourite subject. I do not have any. I love.
I love to be able to approach, to open myself to approaches, to marry with a glance. There is almost always a point of view-an interesting moment where harmony and/or empathy are revealed, at the grace of the moment, of an overhead or shaving light, of the faint or almost non-existent shadows, of pale or vivid colours, of transparencies Blazing.

Seek, find the evidence, accept surprises, deepen, explore, penetrate to the depths of matter, worship the splinters of surfaces, the softness or violence of a rai, of a twilight; Play realities by listening to them, diverting them, bypassing them, according to the eye of the moment, with respect but need to transgress, to even skew! Approaching, departing, concentrating, embarking with humility, waiting for the unexpected to arise.
What a jubilation!