A new step forward

When I was a child my parents offered me a Kodak Brownie Flash, I started shooting MF without even knowing it! Then around the age of 16 I received a Leica M1 with Angenieux lenses from a parent. Wonderful. The virus got installed.
In 1974, after a few months as assistant to the fashion photographer Henri Heiderscheid I went sailing the seas. 
In 1993 I created my own communication and marketing agency (www.claris.fr).
In 2000 I started my work as a professional photographer within the agency.
Fond of modern technologies and techniques but above all of the quality of the work rendered, I immediately invested in digital equipment which I regularly upgraded as technical advances were made; first with a Nikon D1 then D1x, then with a Canon 1DS, 1DSMK2 and 1DS Mk3. 
In 2008 Sinar seeing my work, Sinar turned me to be a featured photographer with a HY6/SinarBack eVolution 75 MF camera and some beautiful lenses (from 50 to 180mm), in order to demonstrate the versatility of this combo by capturing motion, emotion, energy and movements. After being present on the Sinar booth at Photokina 2008, Sinar, being happy with what they got from my collaboration, lent me an arTec camera for a few months.  This nice adventure did last a little more than a year (it was only a loan…) but the practice of medium format made me “addicted”, so in 2013 I took the step with Pentax 645D, later with a 645Z. 
In 2015 Pentax In 2015, Pentax made me brand ambassador.
In 2021, I take another step forward with a device that meets the technological standards of 2021.
The real progress in this regard comes this year from the Fuji GFX 100S, so a partnership seems obvious to me to propose!

In 2021, I am taking another step forward with a camera that meets the technological standards of 2021…
The real progress in this field comes this year from the Fuji GFX 100S with its 102 million pixels, but also from real technological innovations which will push me even further… Even truer colours, exceptional sharpness!