Three vineyards in winter

The custom is to show the Bordeaux castles in the summer or autumn during the harvest, while the light is warm, ripe grapes and well fleshy. But what happens in the winter, when the vine is resting and the branches are cut?
It’s quiet in the winter in the cellars…
Everything sleeps or almost, the Angels take themselves-discreetly-on their part while the barrels let themselves be made, quiet, asleep but benevolent for their contents.

Images in large format and high definition that show finesse, romance where the softness of colors contributes to beauty and emotion.
In January and February 2014, to make these winter images, we made some visits to our three castles. Trying to approach us calmly and discreetly but some and serene, we apprehended these new lands with the love of novelty, the desire for surprises, the desire to bring back.