My approach to photography, has always been down-to-earth. I like to create images that combine realism and creativity with my aesthetic vision. I like beauty, I endlessly try to show the good side, the source of hope.
A photograph cannot please everyone, we are not all sensitive to the same stimuli, we do not all have the same desires, wishes, fantasies. The important thing is that the people we think of are affected by the image that is intended for them. By creating an image, I bring my own vision, but I always have in mind the people who will look at it.
Empathy is the mother of relationships bonds.

An interview of Nicolas Claris for PTC Creo

Shooting for an editorial, advertising or artistic purpose is slightly different, but the aim is always the same: to catch the very particular aspect of the subject. Finding the right points of view(literally as well as figuratively), waiting for the light to come, standing by for people to be in the right place looking in the right direction… until, at sometimes, the unexpected magically arises. In the case of interiors, the willing is to highlight the atmosphere created by the alchemy of the designer’s artistic skills and the know-how of the craftsmen, by playing with light and shadow, like in real life.

My photographs are widely showcased in magazines. The images are either commissioned by the yacht manufacturer, the yacht-owner, or the managing company or even the architect or the interior designer and some are commissioned by the magazines themselves.
Whether photography is for editorial, advertising, architectural or personal, the eye remains always the same, as is the gaze to the understanding of the subject. It only needs a huge dose of love …

Nicolas Claris has been:
– Member of the Union des Photographes Professionnels
– Member of the French Federation of Nautical Industry (Superyachtfrance) (group leader and member of the board 2007-2014)
– Member of International Superyacht Society
– Pentax Ambassador (2012-2020)