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“Gilles Jonemann”

Named “Maître d’art” (Master of Art) in 2004, Gilles Jonemann is a creator of jewelry and objects, among the most innovative, the most singular of contemporary jewelry.
Establishing a real break in the history of jewelry, he claims the use of non-precious materials. A sense of humor and a real aptitude for assembling led him to introduce discarded objects into his creations as early as the 1970s: bottle necks, nuts, champagne corks, keys… as well as vegetable elements, detritus, driftwood, quail eggs, bones, pebbles, fish scales, shells… His creations are often animated by the spirit of irreverence that is typical of Dada and the surrealists and American pop artists in the art of assemblage. In 1990, his tropism from elsewhere meets the universe of Issey Miyake, leading to a fruitful collaboration. In 2007, Jonemann started the creation of Petit h for the house of Hermès. »

Editions du Regard
Auteur : José Alvarez
Hard cover book, 112 pages
Size : 22 x 27 cm
Released date : September 2019
ISBN : 978-2-84105-392-6


Extracts from the book

“Au fil du temps
Bernard Varvat

Spread out the years as one flips through the pages of a book, and take the time to appreciate the work of an artist in its entirety, take the measure of its consistency, its depth and its progress. This is the beautiful proposal of this book. The sculptures of Bernard Varvat are revealed here in an intimacy redoubled by the reflections of an artist in permanent search of sincerity.

Editions Lelivredart
Hardcover book, 112 pages
Size: 22 x 28 cm
Release date : December 2020
ISBN: 978-2-35532-364-5

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