Travel Diary-Turkey

To photograph boats it is necessary to know to wait for the moment when the boat is in the right place, ready, the crew on the bridge and the weather conducive!
On a Friday evening of last spring, I get a call from Alenyacht in Turkey asking me if I am free the next day or the next day to photograph their new “tender” of 42 ‘ just put in the water.
The time to prepare the material (Canon and medium format Sinar) to jump on a plane and I find myself in a taxi in Istanbul, above the Bosphorus, to admire the full moon, from the southern Bridge, what a spectacle! This place is really magical. I love Istanbul and its duplicity… So I arrived at the hotel at 2 o’clock in the morning with an appointment the next day at 8 am…
The Alenyacht site is located on the Eastern Shore, near Tuzla. The boat already in the water seems not to worry about my presence, nor that of Anna-Carolina, model, brunette, obviously pretty. I take advantage of the boat’s delay to send him to buy a more suitable white dress while we meet the skipper Merin Martin and me. ALP Ozcan the director of Alenyacht is anxious to see the time pass, I reassure him, with the 16 people working on the bridge, in the cabin and in the engine room, the boat will be ready in time to carry out the report.
At about 14 o’clock we can finally go to Sedefadasi Island at 6 miles to the east. We start with images made at

Board, time being too short to take pictures from another boat as we have a helicopter flight scheduled around 5:00 p.m. We will realize them later, at sunset, towards the Bosphorus, secured postcards!
Happiness. Here we are at nearly 40 knots on blue water, both Yanmar do not save their 880 horsepower! From the back to the front I ask Anna-Carolina to change the pose and to Merin to keep a road without too much to blow. The boat obeys him remarkably and passes into the sea without typing, large stable curves with alternating tight turns to “catch” the wake in the background, Anna-Carolina never loses the balance (this is the first time she gets on board a Boat!). I surprise myself, standing on the beach before in teak, without a harness, to frame wide-angle boat and crew. Furious at my excess of confidence, I “come back” aboard. Hardly time to “shoot” a few dozen images and here I am in the legendary traffic jams of Istanbul en route to the heliport.
Overlooking the southeast of the city then heading towards the boat, easy to recognize at this time of year, there are few yachts on the water and lots of freighters!
Suddenly there it is, with its superb line and its net wake, falling along the island. I had given a simple “brief” to the crew: Be natural, enjoy life aboard your new and beautiful luxurious toy… They really had no difficulty in playing their part