The objective is always the same: to reveal the particular aspect of each work, to unveil its function and to testify its aesthetic; Look for the right angles, beautify without betraying, wait for the light to discover and the Shadows shape the volumes. Apply to highlight the atmosphere created by the alchemy of the artistic skills of the designer and the craftsmanship of artisans, playing with natural lights and shadows, as in real life. Until the unexpected happens…
To frame is to choose, by including or excluding, it is to understand the intention of the architect, the articulation of the different volumes, to be “imbued” with the function of each of the elements thought and then implemented. To translate this philosophy it is also necessary to bring its own vision to be both the vector of the thought of the architect and the witness, the eye of the passerby, the user, the inhabitant. Be both the one who sees and the one who transmits the vision.

Photography and film are not competitors, they are complementary.

For them to work together it is necessary that photographer and videographer have the same approach, the same sensibility.

 If the purpose remains the same, the means of expression are different. In photography, it is the person who watches who determines the time of consultation by turning the pages at his own pace, it is at this precise moment that the designer (or the gallerist) takes its importance by proposing the rhythm. In a film it is the director who is the master of time, he defines a tempo and a way of looking through time, the spectator is truly guided according to a preset chronology. You don’t watch a movie as you consult a book of photographs…

There is a privileged moment for each of them.

The technique is not an end in itself, it must help us to serve our purpose, that of our clients. Technology Watch is paramount. Digital followers since 2000, we systematically use the most innovative hardware and the most sophisticated software. In this way our customers benefit from the latest developments, those which make real technological progress (intrinsic quality of the files, flexibility of use, speed of execution) amplifying the creative possibilities. Digital technology is used to make our images even clearer.