Making of(s)

Making of Pentax 645 Z shooting the Lagoon 42-Bahamas!

Wind, colors, a great boat. This is what the Pentax 645 Z loves and if in addition you bring it for a ride…

Making of Pentax 645 Z-shooting CNB 95 Grand Bleu Vintage

Making of Pentax 645 Z-shooting the Lagoon 52 S!

Bordeaux: Over the river in helicopter “Making of” with a Pentax 645 Z

“Making of” PENTAX 645d has Nicolas Claris photo shoot from helicopter

“Making of” shooting a Lagoon 620 at sunset with a Pentax 645 D

“Making of” the “making of the CNB 100 Chrisco”

“Making of” photo shoots with a Sinar camera

The manufacturer Sinar decided in 2008 to establish a “tight” working relationship with me asking to capture movement, speed, action, emotion and energy with their new medium format Hy6 (digital back Sinarback emotion 75 LV- 33 million pixels and Sinar lenses from 50 to 180 mm).
These 4 making of (Hotel Marqués de riscal-the luxury Collection, shooting the Bordeaux 60 in Saint-Tropez, shooting the Metaphor 68 in Istanbul, Uneek Saddlery) were aired on the Sinar stand at Photokina 2008 together with some giants prints.